‘Taxistars’ designs and develops innovative, ICT-based educational material for professional taxi-drivers, taking under consideration the training needs and the special characteristics of the profession.

The role of Taxis in the European urban and semi-urban environments is crucial: they are a fast and flexible transportation mode and they enhance mobility.

Taxi-drivers belong to ‘a 24h basis on-the-road profession’, while the taxi-sector itself is characterized by an increasingly diverse workforce. During their daily routines professional taxi-drivers face various situations with regards to issues as, for example, work and road safety, emergency cases and environmental concerns, calling for special knowledge and skills on their part, in order to deal effectively with them.

The ultimate aim of the project is thus to contribute to the improvement of vocational education and training in the field, working towards a safer, more effective and competitive taxi-sector, enabling professional taxi-drivers to provide high quality services.

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