LLWINGS is a European project aimed at promoting a new vision of school as the bridge to lifelong learning and active citizenship, through a focus on learning to learn competence and joy to learn as the very WINGS for lifelong learning.

In particular, LLWings aims to support teachers as the leading actors of bottom-up school innovation in translating the “learning to Learn” goal into practice and daily enhance joy and motivation to learn among their students, by identifying and promoting those teacher competences which are key to transform school in a learning environment built around the learner and open to the territory and its non-formal and informal learning opportunities, so to make the learning process meaningful and relevant, and its sense “owned” by the student.

To this aim, LLwings engages with the school community and its stakeholders, to research and investigate current weaknesses and strengths in teacher education and training; to learn from interesting and innovative grass-root practices and to engage teachers in an eLearning community where innovative competences can be developed to consciously orient teaching practices towards learning to learn and motivation and support bottom-up school innovation.

You may download project posters and brochures:

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