HEXTLEARN: Higher Education exploring ICT use for learning

HEXTLEARN is a network project co-funded by the Lifelong learning programme EACEA, Key Activity 3- ICT. HEXTLEARN is aimed at contributing to the deployment of Lifelong Learning strategies through ICT within the Higher Education Institutions, by means of peer reviews methodologies, by promoting sharing and common understanding amongst the members.

There is a process you can follow (steps intended to follow the direction from the outer to the inner circles):
STEP 1: You first need to register at the Hextlearn Community: . Once you register you will receive information and news about EU wide Higher Education ICT and quality developments and become a member of the online community.

STEP 2: You can upgrade your status and turn to be an active member of the community by uploading your profile, networking with other members, uploading documents, media, events, etc.

STEP 3: You can also be more proactively involved in the network by uploading “My Practice”. To do so, you would select the relevant Group then select the specific territory and from "My Practices" go to "Add a new practice". Apart from uploading your practice you can also comment, rate and suggest your practice to the reviewers.

STEP 4: You may wish to become a peer reviewer (joining the Candidate Reviewer Group and filling in the form) or be peer reviewed (going to “Peer Review” or contacting the peer review team. Please note that the peer review is for institutions, not for individuals.

STEP 5: To get a certification on your peer reviewed case, contact the UNIQUE team.

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