UNIR: International-University of La Rioja


The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) is a new university law passed by the Parliament of Rioja on October 13, 2008. It is a university-oriented, mainly to bring the teaching to adults or professionals to meet the needs of university-educated professionals who are in the labor market and they need to complete their university education: starting a career or continue their university studies graduate, and those who can not travel.

UNIR is a private university that is distinguished by being their distance learning (e-University), bilingual (English-Spanish) and whose operation is based mainly on Technological Innovation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), applied to the college education.
UNIR University is part of an overall vision of education and business, with few clear distinguishing feature:
1.      Internationality 
2.      Technological Innovation 
3.      Personalized education and adapted to each one
4.      Communication, interaction and collaborative space 
5.      Towards Europe 2010. Bologna Declaration,
6.      Higher Education (EEES) 
7.      Quality, innovation and excellence 
8.      Research 
9.      Knowledge Management 
10.   Education for Digital Television based Internet and mobile devices. 
11.   The highest academic level 
12.   Modern conception of university management UNIR an open market that transcends national boundaries
Over 95% of its students come from outside Rioja. So you want the promoter group, which has decided to universalize the student seeking a 50% of European students, 30% of American students, 15% Asians and 5% of Africans. We are faced by university professors and professionals from five continents. Exploit the vast potential market for Spanish speakers in the U.S. and Latin America. We want to open new routes: Eastern Europe, China, India, Japan. UNIR intended to be a global university.

Proyectos y productos

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