Fundación Sidar


The origin of the Sidar Foundation dates back to the creation of the SIDAR Seminar in 1996 (First meeting in 1997, June 26). SIDAR is the acronym of "Seminario Iberoamericano sobre Discapacidad y Accesibilidad en la Red" in Spanish, which translates to "Ibero-American Seminar on Disability and Accessibility on the Net". Originally, the SIDAR seminar was dependent on the Royal Board on Disabilities ("Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad").

The work of the SIDAR seminar has focused on three main activities:

  • A web site () gathering up-to-date information about making the Information Society accessible and inclusive.
  • Several mailing lists, organised around groups of interest, which have resulted in the creation of a Spanish-speaking virtual community of people interested in the accessibility of new technologies.
  • An annual conference, which has been the physical meeting place of the virtual community, to share experiences and plan the activities for the next year.

In 2002 SIDAR became independent from the Royal Board on Disabilities. This led to the creation of the Sidar Foundation, last September. The Foundation is now the legal entity backing the activities of the SIDAR seminar.

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