ESADE IPAQ E-learning. Pedagogical use of the ICTs.

The goal is to promote the pedagogical use of ICTs which contribute to improving the quality of the teaching-learning process and encourage innovation in this field. Developing ICT use is aimed at developing ESADE's pedagogical model, bearing in mind the added value provided by using ICTs in each specific situation.

  • Primary projects

    · Strategic assessment on eLearning and the preparation of a strategic plan in this area
    · Assessment and evaluation of current ICT use to improve teaching-learning quality at both programme and class levels
    · Managing change to the Moodle learning platform and training faculty and PAS staff

  • Areas of conceptualisation and research

    · eLearning change management and developing ICT skills among the teaching community
    · Development and evolution of learning communities regarding the use of ICTs
    · Studies on educational technology modalities within learning and teaching processes (B-learning, M-learning, U-learning, and Just-in-time-learning)
    · Individual and group factors affecting the effective use of time in autonomous learning

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