ATOS Research & Innovation


Atos Research & Innovation, node of R&D of Atos Origin in Spain, is a point of world reference in innovation for the whole Atos Origin group. It is focused in the project accomplishment, which combine the most advanced Technological developments and the economic exploitation of results in R&D. Our aim is to lead our knowledge and experience acquired to concrete projects with clients.

Proyectos y productos


Development of an agent-based software service to support the reading skills of dyslexic children


Elaboration of a new model for the provision of Higher Education services accessible to all


Adaptive, accessible and open source eLearning framework


Development of an adaptive and personalised learning environment

HoTEL project

The HoTEL project, with the support of the European Union’s FP7, is working to propose a new approach able to foster the adoption...


Network of Excellence focused on Technology Enhanced Learning


Adaptive and multimodal eLearning integrated with the OKI standard

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